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Photo Gallery - Page 3



Bob Shidler's Tiger II

This was my Winter 2005-2006 project. It's a Carl Goldberg Tiger 60. I
built a Tiger II several years ago and decided that if it was good, a Tiger
60 would be even better. I have about 8 flights so far and, with Dan
Cramer's help, have it trimmed out pretty good. I was right, it is better
than the Tiger II (but only slightly better!) (Bob)

Another angle. As usual, the wife helped me pick out the color combination.
I tried the trick of using Windex to position the Monokote and can tell you
that I will use that technique from now on. It was very easy and came out
pretty good. (Bob)

Here's a close-up of the cockpit. What do you think of the dice? Pretty
neat huh? (Bob)

Here's a shot of the "naked" tail feathers. I lengthened the rudder by almost 2 inches after reading some comments in the RC Universe forums.
Several folks recommended this mod to add some pep to the rudder for those
"across the field" knife edge flights. (Bob)

I have always flown O.S. engines. Decided to give the Super Tiger a try.
This is a brand new Super Tiger .91 (almost half the cost of the O.S. .90).
I'm really happy with it and will probably add more Super Tigers to my inventory. I might add that pointing this ship to the sky with this engine gives you exactly what you might expect ... unlimited vertical!!! (Bob)

One last angle of the Tiger 60. I'm looking for a Tigger (from Winnie the
Pooh fame) to pilot the ship. If anybody finds one that will fit, let me know! (Bob)

 Bob's Sparky

This is sort of a joint venture between Dan Cramer and I. I mentioned to Dan that I wanted a slow, gentle plane to take with me on my camping trips this summer. Dan had this Sparky that wasn't being used much so he offered it up. I will fly it at some of Nebraska's lovely state parks/recreation areas and Dan will fly it in the S.W.I.F.T. Electric Fun Fly competitions (that's assuming I don't bring it to an untimely end) (Bob)

I had to shorten the nose just a bit to fit the new motor. (Bob)

Here's a shot of the motor. I can't tell you what it is. I came to own it
in a trade. (Bob)
While I was in a building mood, I built a second firewall and attached a
second motor I had lying around. Now I can swap motors with ease (I'm still
trying to figure out why I would want to swap them but I can!) (Bob)