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Dan Cramer's Sig Senior

The Sig Senior being held by my son James (14) and Jacob (12) on his left. This is the first plane James has ever flown and he completely

soloed on his fourth flight. He thought he was ready earlier, but Dad was nervous, not him. Do you get a sense of how great this trainer is?

     I have flown this as a glow model and was not really that impressed. The ultra-light wing loading produced an aircraft that wallowed through the air and was no fun at all in Nebraska wind. As an electric and with 20 cells of "ballast", this thing flies absolutely beautifully. Very solid handling yet light on its feet for landings. It will do very large loops from level flight.

     A few more details: AXI 4130 out-runner, APC 14x10 prop, converted to tail-dragger and "electrified" by my good friend Bob Roegge whom I worked with at Offutt AFB. He said it was simple, but I say he's a gifted builder.   (Photos and text by Dan Cramer)

Picture with the hatch removed (Bob Roegge cut this part of the fuselage

which is solid structure in the original ARF). You can see the battery

mounting tray and associated Velcro strap, ESC, RX battery, etc.

This angle to show cooling

holes in the cowl.

Shows the AXI from behind.

The motor mount is the metal cage

style being sold by Hobby Lobby, Esprit, etc, to accommodate the Outrunner

style motors.

James holding a 24 cell pack (GP 3300s) to show relative size.  No shrink

wrap helps cooling and allows the gaps between the cells to seat on

triangle stock in the battery tray so you can shift forward and aft for CG

adjustment. The Velcro then holds it down and keeps it from shifting. I've

since gone to shrink wrapped 20 cell packs that work very well.

Battery pack mounted and the hatch laying next to

the aircraft.


James Cramer holding the Cermark E3D Banchee at BRCA Field

Bob Roegge's "4 Star 60"

Bob Roegge's Electric Conversion is a 4 Star 60.

Bob used exactly the same motor and batteries as Dan's Sig Senior,

but with a bigger prop (16x10)

Top View Front View Bottom View