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     If you have any problems finding the BRCA Field call Dan Cramer 402-291-2449 email: ( or if no one is home call one of the other flight instructors that are listed on the home page.  If you are just getting started in the hobby be sure to have one of the flight instructors help you.  It will keep you from crashing your new plane before you get the hang of flying and it is also a much safer way to start flying.


Field Location

      The entrance to Haworth Park is located on the West side of the Missouri River, on the South side of the road.  Take Highway 370 East past Wilson Drive and turn the next block at Payne Dr.

    Payne Dr. is less than a block West of  the Bellevue Bridge.  

    Follow the park service road until you reach the entrance for the Marina on your right.  Proceed though the marina entrance gate (club members have a combination for the lock) and go all the way through the marina to the club field on the South end.