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Animated Gif's that I have made.



Animated .gif's are made by taking a series of pictures and then showing one picture after another to make a motion picture.  They can't use very many frames as it slows down the page load time especially for dialup internet users.  The good part is that they can be shown on the page without going to a video player like Windows Media Player.


Animated Gif   "Barrel Roll"

Made by Keith Paskewitz

How it looks in

Adobe Photo Shop





Larry Puls

Enigma Glider


Kerry Bassett's Harvard AT-6

Keith Paskewitz Giles G-202

Animated gif's made by: Keith Paskewitz

     I rather enjoy making these animated gif's.  If you would like one of your airplane let me know and I'll see what I can do.  It's free and you can download them once I put them on the Web Site.  The torque roll one take a lot of pictures.  To make the one with my Giles G-202 I took a bunch of pictures with the plane hanging from a string by the spinner.  Getting them to line up was darn near impossible.