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New Pictures:

David "Skippy" Haney II Tigercat Video of Dan Creagan's Maiden of Guinea Pig  

Third Guy Fawkes Night for BRCA - 'A flaming Bronco meets the afterlife'

(group shot)  'BRCA members watching the burn' Quad photo of Dan Cramer's Estes Maxi Alpha/E9-4 motor.

'Second Guy Fawkes Night for BRCA - Once again, we finished off the flotsam and jetsam of the flying year in a celebration of our flying skills - or lack thereof.'  2016

"Tristin doing a preflight on a Radian - New Pilot!"

Larry Bailey's Mako.

Dan Cramer's Inferno.

Dan Lorimer Launching a 3D Airplane.

Rick Lingenfelter launching his DLG glider.

Darby Dehaai and Nick having a ball.

Larry Bailey and Jay DeHaai discussing a Kadet.

  Rick Lingenfelter explaining a technical issue with a P-51.

A self portrait of Dan Creagan - taken from a small quad.

Larry's Kadet making a nice approach.

  Dan Cramer's Punkenator on an intercept.

Jack Mechanic and Don Anderson tune a Radian for flight.


BRCA Facebook Page

The concrete was poured (we had to do it as soon as possible to get the holes filled in). We will be getting materials this weekend. June 3rd.

The New shelter is complete and looking good.  Come down and check it out!

First annual Model Guy Fawk Day celebration. Many crashed and useless toy airplanes lost their lives in that burn barrel last night...


Left:  Dan Creagan's "Rocket Plane" being test flown!

Photo by Dan Creagan.

Right:  Aerial picture of Haworth from a Carbon Z cub. Pilot Dan Creagan.

  Photo by Dan Creagan.

  (First picture on right)  

     The BRCA Battery Busters at Lincoln Rd.
     Photo by Dan Creagan.




      An Application Form can be obtained online here.

     For further information, contact :  Dan Cramer

One of the New proposed Bellevue Logos:  Click Here to View

Club Flight Instructors:

Dan Creagan 402-212-9200 E-Mail Dan
Gabriel Sandoval Helicopters; setup and flight training



Keith Paskewitz 402-556-5314 E-Mail Keith

AMA District IX (Our District)